Here are some documents about NANOfutures for download.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials OPEN INNOVATION HUBS - PowerPoint738.61 KB
Cooperate and Grow - PowerPoint2 MB
EPPN Workshop 28-29 October 201510.48 MB
Implementation Roadmap on value chains and related pilot lines9.57 MB
Value4Nano Newsletter May 2015648.58 KB
NANOfutures Leaflet6.77 MB
NANOfutures, the European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform: Nanotechnologies—Essential Part of Sustainable Development228.76 KB
EC workprogram NMBPICTSME2.08 MB
A Stronger European Industry for Growth and Economic Recovery198.96 KB
Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Advanced manufacturing and processing, Biotechnology1.07 MB
Industrial Technology Conference Information1.05 MB
Dialog Industrieentwicklung Rheinland-Pfalz5.59 MB
Value4Nano Newsletter December 2014765.69 KB
Value4Nano Newsletter May 2014783.04 KB
Value4Nano - Industrial valorization of strategic value chains for nano-enabled products239.62 KB
NANOfutures Roadmap July 20129.01 MB
Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 202069.3 KB
NANOfutures Numbers March 2014150.65 KB
Successful cases on nanotechnology358.52 KB
HLG KET Status Implementation Report11.93 MB
ENF2013 Education and Communication Workshop15.58 MB
ENF2013 NANOfutures and Nanomanufacturing Workshop15.44 MB
BMBF-Broschüre: nano.DE-Report 2013 (German)4.3 MB
ENF2013 The Regulatory Scenario: Present and Future Challenges for Nanomaterials158.95 KB
nano in my life DVD11248.53 MB
nano in my life DVD22155.44 MB
Yearly Public Report - NANOfutures D4 2.pdf576.97 KB
Learn about nano Horizontal issues4.42 MB
NANOFORCE - NANOtechnology for chemical Enterprises109.29 KB
NANOfutures WG meeting at Industrial Technologies 201210.91 MB
Roadmap Workshop Sept 2012 Presentations16.18 MB
EC Recommendation on code of conduct for responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies research104.88 KB
Attitudes on Data Protection and Electronic Identity in the European Union7.87 MB
"Take Control of Your Personal Data" Brochure997.32 KB
Spanish Nanotechnology Community Directory 2014.pdf3.61 MB
ProNano Tools and Articles719.61 KB
Asbl Statutes40.5 KB
NANOfutures Launch327.59 KB
Nano2Market Booklet1.05 MB
Promotion guide of Semiconductor Design Organisations1.74 MB
Barriers and Success Factors_Commercialisation Readiness Scale_20092012_final_.pdf3.1 MB
NanoCom Policy Advice - Industrial Technologies 20121.95 MB
Nanosustain Factsheet and Case Studies3.92 MB
Fourth FP7 Monitoring Report732.62 KB
NANOfutures October 2009 Presentation2.25 MB
Pronano Deliverables8.84 MB
NanoCom Deliverables12.47 MB
Background Information about NANOfutures ETIP30.76 KB
NANOfutures at Nanotech Italy 201119.8 MB
Study “Thinking ahead the Future of Additive Manufacturin”9.64 MB