Global Summit & Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Science

Linkin Science, welcomes you all to the Global Summit & Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Science, with the theme “Propel New Technologies by Integrating Nanotechnology and Material Science” which will be hosted in Dubai during December 04th - 06th, 2017.
Nanotechnology and Material Science are rapidly expanding by playing a prominent role in many fields of science and engineering. Nanotechnology Conference is a platform to Industry, Academia, Researchers, Innovators, Regulators to come together to discuss the research activities, advancements and ideas on current topics in Advanced Nano Materials, Nano Biosensors, Nano Biotechnology, Nano Medicine, Nano Computational Modeling, Nanotechnology For Energy and Environment, Nano Electronics and Nano Photonics, Advancements in Material Science, Biomaterials , Tissue Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy.
We anticipate attendance at the Nanotechnology Conference Meet will catalyze ideas and enhance new interdisciplinary collaborations. Our exciting scientific program will be presented over the course of three days in six session types – Keynote Presentations, Oral sessions, Young research forum, symposia, Poster sessions and workshops.

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