NanoSlam 2015 in Bad Dürkheim

On April 18th NanoDiode partner microTEC organised a NanoSlam in Bad Dürkheim, Germany. A NanoSlam is an informal talk where research activities on nanotechnology are presented in front of a non-expert audience. The focus lies on teaching current science to a diverse audience in an entertaining way and learning from the audience’s questions. 6 speakers took part in the competition with talks on a variety of nanotechnology topics from water to beer, from aging to nano coating. Almost 40 participants came to learn about nanotechnology and get their questions answered by the experts.

The Awards
Three of the speakers were awarded after the audience voted on the visual presentation of the talks, the oral presentation and on how interesting the topic was. The title "NanoSlam Genius" was given to Lars Fischer, chemist, author and journalist. He convinced with his talk "Lethal Nano Machines" about nanobots, gray goo and viruses. Lars Fischer received the most points in all categories. The "NanoSlam Communicator" Award was given to Philipp Schrögel, physicist and science communication expert. His talk was about civic participation in research. David Rickerby from the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra received the highest votes for visual aid of his presentation. Dr. Rickerby traveled all the way from Italy to give his presentation on "Nano and Water – Opportunity or Risk?".

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